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Pictures around the village

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Aerial view of Lee
and Lincombe
The picturesque bay
at high tide
A summer sunset
across the bay
St Matthews Church Lee, built in 1835

Bennett's Mouth
at low water

Seat above Bennett's Mouth, looking east

A lone walker in unusual winter weather

The Community Seat overlooking picturesque Borough Valley

Old P0st Off.jpg (16942 bytes)

Grampus.jpg (12685 bytes)

Evening High Tide.jpg (14211 bytes)

Low Water.jpg (14559 bytes)

The Old Post Office

Grampus Inn

Evening High Tide

Low Water

Sea View.jpg (20548 bytes)

Woodland Walk.jpg (25886 bytes)

Old Schoolroom.jpg (24757 bytes)

Summer sunset.jpg (29254 bytes)

Sea View

Woodland walk

The old schoolroom

Another summer sunset

View down the valley.jpg (23990 bytes)

LEE 1opt.jpg (25619 bytes)

LEE 2opt.jpg (23872 bytes)

Evening aerial opt.jpg (26135 bytes)

View down the valley

Coast viewed eastwards

Coast viewed westwards

Evening time, aerial view of Lee Bay and coastline looking East

WindsweptCoastline.jpg (18790 bytes)

WinterGale.jpg (23285 bytes)

Decemberscene.jpg (27491 bytes)

AerialVillage.jpg (27453 bytes)

Windswept bay in December

Northwest Gale blowing

December sunshine

Aerial view of village

face_paintingO.jpg (31665 bytes)

hoop-lao.jpg (32582 bytes)

Paul-and-BillO.jpg (25903 bytes)

skittlesO.jpg (22093 bytes)

Face painting. Spring Fayre 2005

Hoola-Hoop. Spring Fayre 2005

Paul & Bill. Spring Fayre 2005

Skittles. Spring Fayre 2005

Autumn gale.jpg (34019 bytes)

Autumn storm.jpg (44783 bytes)

Whitestone Cottage opt Lee.jpg


Heavy sea pounding the sea wall at high tide

Autumn gale with a high spring tide

Cottage at Whitestone, Lee

Local Family enjoying the snow. Winter 2008



Sea Wall Damage February 2014

Sea Wall Damage February 2014